Path to victory!! #claustrophobia Humans.. Win! And by win.. I mean they all died for the cause!

Time for some #claustrophobia #gamenight #boardgame

Might need to shave soon.

Moths are prettier than butterflies. #truth (at The Chaib’s)

Crazy old man.. Smoking cigar time. #Sundays #cigar #botl (at The Chaib’s)

EPIC Buttermilk pancakes. The wife knocked it out of the freakin’ park! With bacon and @whataburger sausage

My kiddo has his first Starscream. He loves him. Haha. #decepticons #autobots #transformers #hasbro

Pick this up at a garage sale. Kettler trike. $240 on Amazon. Amazingly only paid $14 STEAL!!

Dat golden hour in DA FACE!!

Leaves are turning. You can feel the golden glow. In a few weeks this will all be yellow and orange. (at Green Lakes State Park)